Armenia At The Crossroads: War Or Peaceful Co-Existence With Azerbaijan

Fuad Muxtarlı Analysis 25 December 2020
Armenia At The Crossroads: War Or Peaceful Co-Existence With Azerbaijan

Armenia has lost the second Karabakh war and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan endorsed the stunning defeat act with his signature under the tripartite document, proposed by Russia.

However, Pashinyan’s opponents denounced the prime minister and took to the streets to protest against the capitulation act, where the calls for war and revenge see no end up until now. On the other hand, pundits forecast that domestic confrontation will not lead to new conflicts as Baku has resolved the issue once and for all.

In the meantime, protests against Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan continue in Armenia though the number of protesters is not on the rise. The ranks of the protesters are dwindling rather than going up. A large part of the population unable to make ends meet are in search of earning a loaf of bread is watching the power struggle of 16 opposition parties against Pashinyan.

Apparently, this is the reason why the opposition over recent days has preferred civil disobedience measures - strikes, blocking roads to mass actions. On the other hand, the weather has sharply fallen down. The first snow fell in Yerevan yesterday. It seems that the climate has already shifted to the favour of Soros-backed prime minister and the opposition claims so. Thus, it is difficult to overthrow Nikol Pashinyan.

Even in the current deplorable situation, the calls for war and revenge in Armenia do not end. This can be easily seen from pages of newspapers and news agencies filled with articles and comments. Even after all the pain, life and material losses triggered by the aggressive policy of the ruling junta regimes throughout the nominal independence period, the brains are poisoned and the Armenian society is urged for revenge and war against Azerbaijan.

"Revenge is inevitable. After that, every Armenian must live with this mindset. We must take revenge on each of our heroes killed by the Turkish-Azerbaijani army. We must return our lands and we will do it all as many times in our history. Azerbaijan is well aware that this will happen. The truth is with us and Vladimir Putin is not eternal. Soon, he will face the fate of a dictator, who has been abandoned by everyone, and a lot will change in the ‘Artsakh’ issue," as monitoring of the Armenian media reveals.

Protests in Syunik

They still dream of possible changes in years to come and probably the relevant bodies have taken notice of similar calls that will be heard on permanent basis. They still shamelessly consider Kalbacar, Zangilan, Qubadli, Susa and other liberated territories as their "lost lands".

Even after the capitulation and the "iron fist", they do not stop their traditional propaganda in this direction. During the 27-year of occupation, they were convinced of impunity, they were so depraved that they began to misappropriate and settle the territories around the former Nagorno-Karabakh, where Armenians had never lived, as their own native lands. They even changed ancestral names of our residential places, mountains, lakes and rivers. They still consider them their own.

Now they are maniacally experiencing the pain of the "lost lands". They want to lynch Nikol Pashinyan as a "land-selling" leader although, he has not yielded an inch of the territory of present-day Armenia to Azerbaijan. Neither Azerbaijan claims this, because it respects the existing international law.

Alas, Armenians are unable to think cold bloodedly. Articles, like this, are abundant, filling Armenia’s information space hourly. It is clear that the nationalist-fascist segment of the Armenian society, which has always led it to disaster and its representatives in the leading media are still alive, remain in their traditional role and have not learned a single lesson from the tragedy. In addition, they are trying to convince their unfortunate nation that revenge will be taken from Azerbaijan. Instead of making wise proposals and showing the way out for their poor and miserable people to get out of the bottom of the well.

The bitter truth is that Armenia is not even able to protect its external borders - this is mainly done by the Russian military. Edmon Manukyan of the Bright Armenia, the leader of the opposition Armenian parliamentary faction of the same name, proposed yesterday to establish another Russian military base in Syunik (Zangazur).

"I am convinced that Armenia will not be able to ensure its border security alone. It is necessary to start negotiations on the establishment of a new Russian base in Syunik region to ensure the security of Armenia, Sputnik-Armenia reports.

According to the politician, the most important issue now is to ensure the security of Syunik region, as the positions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are approaching the Armenian settlements. Marukyan also noted that the Azerbaijani government plans to increase the military budget for 2021 to a higher level than in 2020 - 2.7bn dollars. “After the cessation of the hostilities, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev repeatedly stated that the Karabakh issue was resolved, but Azerbaijan continues to arm itself,” he opined.

Of course, Azerbaijan does not intend to put the stick on the ground. At least, what processes are going on in Armenia are taken seriously. As long as the capitulating country does not sign a peace agreement with Azerbaijan and Turkey to recognize their territorial integrity and sovereignty, of course, Baku will not slightly reduce the attention to army building -the iron fist factor will play a pivotal role. It will not reduce even after the peace agreement. Because we are well aware of what insidious society and country, we are neighbour with. We will be cautious, no matter who is in power in Armenia - Pashinyan or Manukyan.

"Of course, they are trying to remove Pashinyan from office in order to make him responsible for Armenia’s defeat in the war and for the act of surrender. However, the allegations against him can be addressed to the former leaders of Armenia as well. Because, in general, it is not Pashinyan, who lost the war, but Armenia and its armed forces as a state.

Igor Korotchenko, editor in chief of the Russian National Defence magazine, believes that "if Yerevan does not do this, there will be a catastrophe"
"Currently, we are witnessing a power struggle.

If Pashinyan manages to remain in power until the New Year, then he will preserve his power; if not, then this is his destiny. However, Nikol Pashinyan is a symbol of Armenia's defeat, not the cause of it. This is a symbol of the failure of the Armenian military and the bankruptcy of Armenia as an occupying power. Whether Pashinyan will be replaced or not, Azerbaijan has already won the war and put an end to it," the expert said.

Therefore, the only option left for the Armenian people to do now is to choose between good and evil and set out on the right path and it is not too late.