Armenia's Staggering Defeat: Zangazur Corridor In Between Azerbaijan & Naxcivan

Fuad Muxtarlı Analysis 7 December 2020
Armenia's Staggering Defeat: Zangazur Corridor In Between Azerbaijan & Naxcivan

Armenia’s nearly 30-year occupation of 20% of Azerbaijani territories in Nagorno-Karabakh has caused irreparable damages. The deplorable images of ruins, devastation and destruction of villages, cities, infrastructure facilities, historical and religious monuments that were built by men and women of this land for thousands of years lay bare the barbaric nature of the Armenian nationalism.

Plundering and looting natural resources of Karabakh and surrounding districts, several groups of Armenians have enriched themselves, keeping the whole region in a state of war by retaining arms race the top priority of the regional states and weapons manufacturers. Armenia’s unbridled appetite for encroachment upon the neighbor’s territories has finally been destroyed by the valiant Azerbaijani army within the 44-day Patriotic War.

A special government commission is now conducting an inventory on the territories the Azerbaijani army has recently recaptured from Armenia’s control. Experts familiar with the scope of destruction estimate the damages at $100bn minimum and the government is recording and preparing the necessary documents to take Armenia to the international court for the compensation.

Speaking about the damage inflicted by Armenia to the Azerbaijani territories, Russian expert on international conflicts Yevgeny Mikhailov stressed that the looted monuments, graves and destroyed cities should be included in the bill presented to the occupying country in accordance with all international legal norms.

“In my opinion, all losses of Azerbaijan are much more than the figures announced earlier. Let me note that Yerevan has no money. If you repay the debt, it is bondage for many Armenian generations to come. On the other hand, let us recall how at the beginning of the Second Karabakh War, Armenian entrepreneurs from all over the world offered to buy the Karabakh lands from Azerbaijan for Armenians. So, in our case, we can offer Yerevan to give Zangazur and other strategic objects important for Baku, or agree on something else that will allow to write off the catastrophic debt for the occupation," Mikhailov said.

The concept of "Nagorno-Karabakh conflict" must disappear from everyday life. Karabakh is Azerbaijan, period. It is another matter that, of course, the tension will persist for a long time, since the bitterness of defeat will torment the minds of a part of the population of Armenia. The latter will crave revenge, which in principle, is impossible at this stage.

According to him, Armenia needs to think, first of all, about preserving the state, nevertheless, less than a month has passed, and the new foreign minister of this country began to intensify the conflict rhetoric, from which, it can be concluded that history does not teach Armenians anything yet.

"A Wake Up Call" For Armenians Of Zangazur

Armenia is in the grip of deep domestic political crisis, provoked by the disastrous defeat of the Armenian army in Karabakh. Various political parties are trading mutual accusations, accusing Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan of betrayal and inability to mobilze the nation and the army against the powerful Azerbaijani army and well-organized society that has craved for the de-occupation of the territories and the restoration of dignity and national honor.

Opponents of Nikol Pashinyan have understandably joined their activities against him and the ex-chief of the Armenian special services, David Shakhnazaryan, accused the “people's prime minister” of treason, trying to picture himself as a poopular voice in a search for reasons behind the shattering defeat and what bodes eact point of the nine-article tripartite peace deal from November 10 for his nation.

I tell them that mugham - one of the many folk musical compositions of Azerbaijan - is already played in Susa. What else is there to explain? War is not over, Syunik (Zangazur) is still the real topic for Armenia, according to Shakhnazaryan.

Why David Shakhnazaryan is trying to intimidate his fellow citizens with the specter of a "new war", and even for Zangezur, one can guess. Armenian nationalists do not want, both literally and figuratively, to lay down their arms and leave the political proscenium, but since in the short term it will not be possible to promise the citizens another miatsum or new territorial conquests in Azerbaijan, it remains to scare fellow citizens with “Turks will come and..."

From the outset of the hostilities, Azerbaijan emphasized that it was not going to encroach on Armenia’s internationally recognized territory and the hostilities were conducted exclusively on the territory of Azerbaijan and this was repeatedly confirmed by Vladimir Putin.

Nevertheless, the Armenian population of Zangazur is in a state of deep alarm. This territory, wedged between the main territory of Azerbaijan and the Naxcivan,has become part of Armenia already in the Soviet period.

The most important item of the peace deal envisages a corridor through Zangazur that will connect the main land Azerbaijan with its exclave of Naxcivan, providing an access to Turkey. Exactly, this scenario is sending shockwaves across Armenian nationalists.

The notorious Vitali Balasanyan, one of the accomplices of the aggression against Azerbaijan in the early 1990s, is already appealing to the residents of Zangazur. “Today, the treacherous political positions of the current Armenian authorities and their actions lay the foundation for the dearmenization of Artsakh, question of its existence and threaten the existence of mountainous Armenia. Turks only dream about it ”. Then he goes on to an open scarecrow: "Having lost `Artsakh’, having lost Syunik, we will lose Armenia."

Zangazur Anxiety Is Growing In Armenia

In the South Caucasus, and not only in the South Caucasus, they continue to discuss the results of the 44-day Patriotic War, as a result of which Azerbaijan liberated its lands from the Armenian occupation. The Lacin District has now come under the control of Azerbaijan, minus the narrow 5km corridor.

At the same time, according to a trilateral agreement, and in fact, according to the surrender of Armenia confirmed by Moscow, Azerbaijan received the right to a transport corridor through the territory of Armenia - between Naxcivan and the main territory of Azerbaijan. Moreover, as Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev noted in his address to the nation, there will be two corridors. True, the geography of the second has not yet been clarified.

However, hysteria is growing in Armenia. The Armenian media are circulating up to the hilt statements of the residents of Megri “We are very worried, people are scared, we do not know what will happen tomorrow. What happened to `Artsakh’ can happen to us. We are not protected in any way," claim residents.

These fascist statements could have been ignored at all. But it seems that the matter is not only in the "peculiarities of thinking" of the inhabitants of Meghri, where Turkophobia has reached a clinical level. First of all, the matter is not limited to conversations "in kitchens" - there is a quite definite campaign in the media, against the background of which "experts and political scientists" are openly calling for a revision of the trilateral deal.