With XXI Century Weaponry At Disposal, Azerbaijan Retaking Separatist Region

Farid Hajili Analysis 16 October 2020
With XXI Century Weaponry At Disposal, Azerbaijan Retaking Separatist Region

Azerbaijan's glorious army has retaken six new villages from Armenia’s control in its separatist Nagorno-Karabakh region. They are Arish village in Fuzuli, Doshulu village in Jabrayil, Edisha, Dudukchi, Edilli and Chiraguz villages in Khojavand districts,” President Ilham Aliyev tweeted on October 15.

“Long live the Azerbaijani army! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” Ilham Aliyev said in the tweet.

Armenia’s aggression against Azerbaijan’s civilians continued on 15 October with shelling of villages and towns of the country. As a result of the shelling by the Armenian armed forces at the Tartar city cemetery, three civilians were killed and five were wounded, the Prosecutor General's Office said.

The operational situation in the Agdara-Agdam and Fuzuli-Hadrut directions of the front remained tense throughout the day on 15 October and on the night of 16 October, the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry reports.

On 15 October, the Armenian army fired rockets, artillery and mortars at the positions of Azerbaijani units in the Cabrayil and Hadrut directions, liberated from the occupation, as well as villages near the front line, the report added.

“At night, the enemy attempted to become active in some areas of the front. Our troops suppressed the enemy's activity and inflicted heavy losses on it. Following the retaliatory measures of the Azerbaijani army, a large number of manpower, two T-72 tanks, one BM-21 Grad MLRS, five D-30 and howitzer guns, two ZSU-23-4 Shilka and eight vehicles loaded with ammunition were destroyed and disabled in different directions of the front," the ministry added.

According to the information received, cases of mass desertion of military personnel and conscripts were recorded on the defensive line of the 18th motorized rifle division of the Armenian armed forces. In order to prevent this, the Armenian government established commandant posts of the military police on the roads of the Gorus and Turshsu settlements.

Among the personnel who took up positions on the defensive line of the 5th Mountain Rifle Regiment, there are many killed and wounded. The regiment's divisions lack food and ammunition.

As a result of the shooting down of vehicles transporting volunteers to the defensive line of the 10th regiment, there are killed and wounded. The retreating enemy left a large number of automobile and armored vehicles in positions and fled.

On the defensive line of the 9th motorized rifle regiment, an artillery battery was destroyed, and the regiment's deputy commander was wounded. It became known that some of the mercenaries who arrived on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh refused to join the battle. The troops of the Azerbaijani army retain their operational advantage along the entire front,” the message says. 

Earlier, presidential aide and head of the foreign policy department at the Presidential Administration, Hikmat Haciyev, tweeted that as a result of the Armenian shelling of the funeral procession, four people were killed and five more were wounded.

“As a result of a targeted attack on the Tartar cemetery on Thursday, four civilians were killed and five were wounded. Parviz Orucov, born in 1989, Vasif Rustamov, born in 1962, Sakir Zamanov, born in 1988, were killed. Fizuli Mammadov, Iskandar Amirov, Elsevar Allahverdiyev, Nofel Amirov and Rafael Gazanfarli have been hospitalized,” the Prosecutor-General's Office said.
Earlier it was reported that since September 27, 43 civilians were killed and 218 injured as a result of intensive rocket and artillery shelling of Azerbaijani settlements by the Armenian armed forces.

From the outset of the Azerbaijani army’s counter-offensive operation in the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh, the whole country is looking forward to hearing positive reports from the front and they do.

In the meantime, the army is gradually advancing, taking up one after another the enemy positions, fortifications and strategic heights in Karabakh. Azerbaijan is conducting a war of the 21st century, using a modern battle strategy and weapons.

The Azerbaijani army is fighting in the most difficult conditions and is advancing on the mountains from the bottom up. At the same time, for 26 years Armenia has strengthened all strongholds, mining key roads, thus delaying the offensive amongst other reasons.

The Azerbaijani army is forced to seize heights under crossfire, clear the serpentines and establish control over new villages or towns. The army is better equipped and, actually, is the army of the XXI century. On the other hand, the Armenian army is the army of the last century with a strategic advantage. Pundits, on the other hand, fighting in mountainous conditions is six times more difficult than on a plain.

The Azerbaijani army has also to fight without a decisive numerical superiority. The Armenian forces in Karabakh number 55,000, while Azerbaijan has 85,000 service members. At the same time, for a successful offensive in the mountains, a numerical superiority of six times is necessary.

The Azerbaijani army solves military tasks in the most difficult conditions and captures new territories. At the same time, the Azerbaijani military command and generals proved that they can plan military operations and have not seen a single failure during the entire period of hostilities.

Any army corps operation lasts 10-15 days, after which it needs an operational pause to pull up reserves and regroup. No brigade can fight for 12 days in a row and needs a break.

Armenia took advantage of the operational pause and launched a counter-offensive. Today the Azerbaijani army is forced to break the enemy's counter-offensive. There is a phase of breaking potential and if you win this phase, you can advance further. However, even if we consider what has already been done, the Azerbaijani army actually changed the status of Karabakh, turning it into a fire zone fortress.

Shooting peaceful cities is a gesture of despair. The bombardment of Ganja (Ganca) with ballistic missiles is a war crime. They have a terrible situation at the front. This is the penultimate fight they are capable of launching. A potential race is starting in the conflict zone, which Azerbaijan will win.

Armenia will have to spend huge amounts of money in order to restore its military potential, and given that it is a poor country, Azerbaijan will win this race.

Speaking about Armenia’s arsenal destroyed by the Azerbaijani drones, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said they were very modern, advanced weapons.

“I can tell you that only with the help of the drones purchased from Turkey, we destroyed the military equipment of Armenia worth 1bn dollars, only with the help of drones. Of course, as you know, we also use drones from other sources,” Aliyev told France 24 TV channel.

We use artillery, numerous military installations. However, drones alone caused damage to Armenia in the amount of $1bn. This is serious damage to them. I am wondering where they got so much amount of money to buy all these weapons, it's likely they got it for free, the president said.

We talked about it, and I am waiting for proof. No evidence has been presented to me. No documents have been submitted to our other officials. I asked the French president to submit documents, organize contacts between the heads of the relevant state structures for negotiations and exchange of this information.

Asked by France 24 TV correspondent about the alleged mercenaries by the French president, Ilham Aliyev said no evidence was presented to Azerbaijan. “I believe that if there is no evidence, then these rumors should remain in the past. We have no mercenaries. This is our official statement. More than two weeks have passed since the start of the clash, and no country has provided us with any evidence on this matter,” the president said.

Also, we don't need it. We have an army of over 100,000 men. Everything that we do on the battlefield today shows that our army is capable of liberating its own lands. The Armenian armed forces opened fire on funeral procession in Tartar, four were killed and five were wounded, Azerbaijan’s Prosecutor-General's Office said.