Beleaguered Armenian Propaganda Admits Seizure Of Hadrut By Azerbaijani Troops

Farid Hajili Analysis 11 October 2020
Beleaguered Armenian Propaganda Admits Seizure Of Hadrut By Azerbaijani Troops

The 14-day war in Nagorno-Karabakh surprised the whole world both for its scale and for the state-of-the-art weapons and combat tactics the Azerbaijani army has been implementing. However, the treachery of the Armenian propaganda caused particular surprise throughout these two weeks, trying vainly to disprove reports about the advances and seizure of the occupied territories by the Azerbaijani army.

From the outset of Azerbaijan’s patriotic war, the army launched a counter-offensive along the entire front line, crushed the enemy's defense and destroyed its military infrastructure in the depths of the defense. However, the Armenian Defense Ministry and the Karabakh leadership and separatists firmly declared that "they are successfully defending themselves and suppressing all attacks". Then they said that "as a tactical step, they left four to five positions," after which they allegedly launched a counter-offensive and recaptured most of the lost positions.

Even when Azerbaijan’s military command announced the liberation of a number of villages in Cabrayil and Fuzuli districts, as well as the village of Suqovusan in Agdara District, the Armenian propaganda continued to deny everything. Only after the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry distributed video footage from the liberated village of Talish, the Armenian Defense Ministry was forced to admit that "as a tactical step, it temporarily retreated in some areas of the front". However, the enemy propaganda did not want to admit the fact that the city of Cabrayil came under the control of the Azerbaijani army and, literally until yesterday, they tried to convince own population of the opposite.

Even after President Ilham Aliyev’s October 9 statement about the liberation of Hadrut and seven villages, Armenia’s leading military propagandist Artsrun Hovhannisyan and representatives of the Karabakh separatists again tried to refute the successful breakthrough of the Azerbaijani units. Hovhannisyan called the reports of the seizure of Hadrut "ridiculous" and argued that the Azerbaijani army was located tens of kilometers from the area.

He even tried to demonstrate "Armenian-controlled" Hadrut and together with the pro-Armenian journalist, founder of the War Gonzo telegram channel Semyon Pegov, he headed towards Fuzuli District and filmed several shots from afar, trying to convince everyone that the village is still controlled by the Armenians. Although, as stated by Azerbaijan, our units advanced towards Hadrut from the liberated Cabrayil District.

Finally, on October 10, during the entry into force of the cease-fire regime, Armenia announced a strong artillery bombardment of Hadrut. Later, Armenian propaganda declared about "an Azerbaijani reconnaissance and sabotage group that entered Hadrut". Trying to calm down their population, the Armenian propagandists argued that the sabotage group would be neutralized, and Hadrut was still in the hands of Armenians. Then Pegov appeared and with sadness declared that there were Azerbaijani service members in the city.

How did it happen that the Azerbaijani forces, "which were tens of kilometers away," suddenly entered Hadrut? After all, this is contrary to all the laws of military art. What reconnaissance and sabotage group could move so far from its main forces and attack a large village? Moreover, if we are talking about a small group as Armenia claims.

Following this, Armenian propaganda spreads the news that the leader of the Karabakh separatists, Arayik Harutyunyan, allegedly went to Hadrut, where he met with its defenders. In fact, Arayik Harutyunyan found himself in some forest, surrounded by a poorly clad group of Armenian soldiers.

Towards evening, Semyon Pegov appeared again somewhere in the Xocavand direction. In his report, Pegov claimed that about “two hundred Azerbaijani or Turkish special forces” entered Hadrut. Azerbaijani artillery no longer shells Hadrut, because there is no point in it and the Azerbaijani forces are already in the village. Pegov immediately calms Armenians, noting that there is no cause for concern and the Armenian army is able to recapture Hadrut.

It is noteworthy that a few hours ago, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported that the enemy forces that did not comply with the cease-fire regime tried to attack Hadrut from the direction of Tug village, but the Azerbaijani army repulsed this attack.

Thus, all propaganda carefully constructed by Artsrun Hovhannisyan and his paid blogger Pegov was defeated, as well as the resistance of the Armenian army. Artsrun Hovhannisyan is an experienced propagandist, but it is getting more and more difficult for him to work under crushing strikes of the Azerbaijani army.