Top Official Dubs Karabakh Op As Azerbaijan’s Patriotic War, Urges End To 30-Year Occupation

Fuad Muxtarlı Feature 28 September 2020
Top Official Dubs Karabakh Op As Azerbaijan’s Patriotic War, Urges End To 30-Year Occupation

On the second day of the heavy fighting that erupted in separatist Karabakh region of Azerbaijan on September 27, Yerevan and Baku continue the exchange of fierce fire with both sides blaming each other of targeting civilians and civilian targets.

The Azerbaijani army’s “counter-offensive operation to prevent the enemy attacks continues successfully,” Maj-Gen Mais Barxudarov, who commands units of the Azerbaijani army, said. This was also a denial of Armenian fake report about “capturing” of Mais Barxudarov.

“Our army’s fighting spirit is high and it courageously fulfills the task of liberating the lands from occupation. The personnel of the unit I command will fight to the last drop of blood in order to completely destroy the enemy and win,” the general emphasized.

Azerbaijan’s “patriotic war”

The war has been waged against Azerbaijan for 30 years, Hikmat Haciyev, an aide to the Azerbaijan president and the head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration, told a news conference at the Foreign Ministry on September 28

The occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia must be end, he said, adding that "this is the great patriotic war” and martial law has been declared across Azerbaijan. Today a partial mobilization has been declared, he elaborated, adding that Azerbaijan remains loyal to international laws, which “cannot be said about the Armenian armed forces".

Early in the morning, Azerbaijan said dominant heights over the Talis village came under the control of its armed forces.

Capturing strategic heights and advantageous positions from the 30-year control of the Armenian armed forces, units of the Azerbaijani army continue their counter-offensive in order to consolidate achieved successes, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reports.

By inflicting rocket-artillery and air strikes on enemy positions, it was forced to retreat from positions it was trying to hold. Several advantageous heights around the village of Talis were cleared of the occupying forces, the enemy suffered heavy losses, the report added.

In a similar report, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry confirmed the destruction of another two tanks in addition to those destroyed early in the morning.


On September, French President Emmanuel Macron called Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

According to the presidential press service, Emmanuel Macron noted that France is concerned about the armed conflict on the line of the Armenian-Azerbaijani contact and stressed the importance of resolving the conflict through negotiations.

The Azerbaijani president noted that the Armenian leadership deliberately violates the negotiations process. The statement of the Armenian prime minister that “Nagorno-Karabakh is Armenia. Point” dealt a serious blow to the negotiations. In addition, the statement “Azerbaijan should negotiate with Nagorno-Karabakh” is an attempt to change the format of the negotiations, which is also unacceptable for Azerbaijan as well as the Minsk Group as announced.

Azerbaijan announced partial mobilization

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree, declaring partial mobilization, Azartac news agency said. According to the order, the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription was instructed, in accordance with the approved plans, to ensure the conscription of those liable for military service for mobilization and the implementation of military transport measures.

Civilians targeted

The military-political leadership of Armenia continues to target civilian population and targets and thus grossly violating the obligations emanating from the Geneva Conventions, Azerbaijan’s Prosecutor-General's Office said.
It also blamed Armenia for targeting densely populated areas are selected points, including regional and rural centers, civil infrastructure facilities - hospitals, medical centers, school buildings, kindergartens.

Currently, 26 civilians have been hospitalized with various bodily injuries. In particular, starting from 0700, as a result of artillery shelling by the enemy forces of the center of Tartar District, as well as densely populated villages, significant damage was caused to the houses of residents of the village of Azadqaraqoyunlu, Ahmadov Mail, Salahov Nizami and Karimov Elsan, the statement read.

The enemy also struck the main strategic bridge in the district and the police station. In addition, as a result of the enemy shelling of civilian targets, a 54-apartment building on E. Safarov Street, 10, as well as an apartment building in Six Arx village came into disrepair and residents were evacuated.


Early morning, in response to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry report that Armenia’s losses on the first day amounted over to 550, Artsrun Hovhannisyan of the Armenian Defense Ministry said on Monday that the total number of the wounded was about 200 people.

According to Hovhannisyan, some of the wounded were delivered to Yerevan, some of them were placed in a military hospital, the other part was hospitalized with civilian medical centers.