As Hopes For Armenia To De-Occupy Karabakh Dwindle Down, Azerbaijanis Urge For A Military Solution

Farid Hajili Analysis 21 May 2020
As Hopes For Armenia To De-Occupy Karabakh Dwindle Down, Azerbaijanis Urge For A Military Solution

Today, May 21, Armenian is inaugurating another separatist puppet leader for Azerbaijan’s breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh, retaining some 20 per cent of the neighbour’s territories.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry in a cautious statement denounced the expected attendance of the occupying nation’s prime minister’s in the oath-taking ceremony in Susa – the pearl of Karabakh highly revered by Azerbaijanis.

The next leader of Azerbaijan’s separatist region was proclaimed Araik Harutyunyan and today he will be declared the de facto representative of Armenia in the occupied lands. This inauguration will take place in the occupied pearl of Azerbaijan – Susa to deeply hurt the dignity of Azerbaijanis. Recently Susa has become a favourite venue for the "festive events" of Armenians. These are events dedicated to the capture of Susa by the Armenian armed forces, and the Victory Day in the WWII and the day of the formation of the NKR’s defense army.

Moreover, the presence of the Armenian leadership in the occupied territory, noisy festivities with dances under the stolen Azerbaijani motives in Cıdır-duzu, a venue, has already become a tradition. Moreover, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is also holding a meeting of the occupying country's Security Council in Susa.

The raging coronavirus pandemic watered down plans of the separatists since the Armenian leadership was planning to invite paid observers to portray it as a democratic and fair election and use as an argument against Azerbaijan. The plan did not work and they found themselves in a miserable situation.

All international organizations - UN, EU, European Parliament, the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing countries, OSCE PA, PACE, Non-Aligned Movement, and others denounced the conduct of the bogus polls in the occupied lands of Azerbaijan. Almost all international structures, all leading countries of the world, without exception, unequivocally condemned this illegal action of Armenia, rightly called  “elections ” illegitimate, openly declaring that in no case they would recognize the result of the occupation. This was a severe blow to all the efforts of the world Armenians to recognize the fictional "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic".

However, this is insufficient for the public in Azerbaijan and calls for a military solution are on everyone’s lips. What preventive measures should Azerbaijan take? In general, should it? The on-duty statements of the country's Foreign Ministry, appeals to international organizations, even the position of the OSCE Minsk Group and the three co-chairing countries - the world powers - the United States, France and Russia, apparently have no effect on Armenia.

It makes sense to start demonstrating to the Armenians on the day of any such event, who is the boss in the house by sending jets to Karabakh to disperse those gathered there. Of course, this is not about the beginning of hostilities, but about demonstrating one’s position, the right to possess and strength. Or ignore and bend your line - to strengthen the army and intensify offensive diplomacy?

Many in Armenia consider the head of government to be illiterate and in every way prove it. Through his statements, Pashinyan gained fame as a liar, distorting history. However, to juggle the facts and re-twist the story is quite Armenian. With his ridiculous bravado, Nikol Pashinyan exposes the rottenness and depravity of the Armenian ideology.

It's no secret that the Armenians have always lived on handouts. Having reached power, Pashinyan tried to shift his emphasis towards the West, however, all his attempts failed and now he repeats the mistakes of his predecessors.

This is a challenge to the OSCE Minsk Group, in particular, to Russia, which has recently made efforts to push the negotiations off the ground. Pashinyan played too much in both internal games and external games. And in this case, of course, he plays with fire.

The current Armenian government continues the work of the Karabakh clan, the "Armenian Legion", pursuing an occupation policy against Azerbaijan. Pashinyan’s entire policy serves the creation of a “great Armenia” in the occupied lands.

Today, the Armenian authorities continue to preach the ideas of national superiority - no one but Armenians lives in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding areas, ethnic cleansing was carried out, a mono-ethnic quasi-state was created.

Recent facts about Pashinyan’s grandfather, who served the Nazis, explain the sympathy of the current Armenian leadership for the “Armenian Legion” of the Wehrmacht. And his great-grandson, the son of Prime Minister Pashinyan, in the best traditions of the “Armenian Legion” of the Wehrmacht today serves in the ranks of the occupying forces in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The roots of the inclination of the current leadership of Armenia in front of the minions of the Nazis can be found in their personal biographies. The heroisation of fascism in Armenia, where this policy has been elevated to the rank of state, actually poses a threat to security and peace in the region. And setting up separatist Sabbaths in Susa, the Armenians once again challenge not only us, but the world community.

The inauguration ceremony of Araik Harutyunyan irritates everyone in society; we still cannot do anything as the nation and the state.