Azerbaijani, Belorussian Research Centers Sign MoU

Farid Hajili 13 March 2020
Azerbaijani, Belorussian Research Centers Sign MoU

The-Baku based Institute for Strategic Analysis (STRATI) and the Minsk-based Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, cementing the cooperation in the sphere of analytical research.

According to the document, the sides agreed to mutually provide research materials and publish them based on mutual agreement, organize joint panels, discussions, the visit of experts, presence in several projects, and to collaborate in the conduction of high-quality, unbiased, independent researches.

This MoU takes steps toward creating collaborative relationships, setting mutual goals to support the work of independent think-tanks which both are engaged in research of different aspects of the relations with EU.

The independent analytical center STRATI was established in July 2017, with focus on political, economic, energy, cyber security, military issues in the South Caucasus region, as well as in Iran, Russia, Turkey and Central Asian countries; relations among those countries as well as with the European countries and organizations.

STRATI’s mission is to conduct high-quality, unbiased and independent researches, produce concise feature stories and analytical reports in English language on developments in the countries of our interest. The organization collaboratively works with foreign and local think tanks, academic institutions, non-profit organizations or foundations addressing the economic, social and political issues. The think-tank is a member of Brussels-based European Policy Center and the International Institute for Strategic Studies based in London.

BISS is also an independent think-tank, which builds its work on the principles of objectivity, openness and responsibility. It proposes development strategies for Belarus by doing relevant research, offering quality expertise and recommendations, as well as by promoting dialogue between the expert community, civil society and political actors. 

The main research areas of the Belorussian think-tank contains human capital, social contract, modernization and institutional change, international relations and transnationalization. The effects of Eurasian integration processes on Belorussian politics, economy and society, the EU – Belarus relations, Belarus’s relationship with developing nations are the main research areas of the BISS.