Who Killed Armenia’s Ex-Security Boss, Or A Tale Of Decaying Town

Fuad Muxtarlı Analysis 21 January 2020
Who Killed Armenia’s Ex-Security Boss, Or A Tale Of Decaying Town

High-profile killings are not unusual in Armenia and nowadays they are on the rise amid the lack of precise answers. Investigations into causes of such killings are also dragged on until the public becomes weary of hearing almost alike boring answers but no authentic reasons on why top security officials, ministers or high-ranking police officers allegedly commit suicides. There are too many options and no interest in separating lies from truths to solve riddles behind killings of incumbent or former officials.

Who killed Kutoyan?

Georgi Kutoyan, the former chief of Armenia’s National Security Service, was gunned down with around 40 bullets in his own apartment. He was a close ally of ex-president Serzh Sargsyan and served his boss loyally and was informed of his activities of all types.

The news of death of this young man did not surprise the public in this tiny country driven by own problems as they have seen so many killings of top officials, ranging from the killing of brutal killer Vazgen Sargsyan to Karen Demirchyan to mention but a few.

Though calls for unbiased investigations into similar killings, they fall on deaf ears as none of regimes - both former and incumbent - were and is keen on deciphering the real causes lying behind as traces that lead to them in one way or another.

There are so many interested actors on the scene that they all trade mutual accusations, point at domestic actors, for instance, revolutionary groups, who were cornered during his tenure, or Russia, Iran, Turkey, the USA and many others.

Although the media in Armenia come out with loud options, ascribing the latter’s death to "a shooting at Armenia's sovereignty", it is an open secret that Kutoyan was not an independent figure in Armenia’s power establishment and fulfilled his own boss’s orders both legal and illegal.

Actually, the killings work against incumbent Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s influence and his declared principles to establish a law-governed civil society as this is the fourth mysterious death of former officials under Pashinyan's rule.

What Armenian propagandist saw in Hrazdan?

In the meantime, an Armenian propagandist and so-called “poet and public figure” revealed another page of decoying and dying Armenia. Paid by Armenian money-bags in Russia, Armenian propagandist Viktor Aleksandrov travelled some former blossoming Armenian towns following a “charity event” for Armenian terrorists in Azerbaijan’s Nagorno-Karabakh, and what he saw in Soviet-built Hrazdan town shocked and disheartened him as his impression of what he saw and what he heard from his Armenian bosses enraged him.

Here is the text of the hired propagandist without changes and editorial, since for the money received from the Armenian diaspora in Russia, Aleksandrov had to blindly and stupidly praise Armenia and talk about the high standard of living of Armenians, and was horrified by what he saw in the cities of Armenia:

“I saw demolished houses that are overgrown with weeds, broken windows without panes through which wind is whistling in the streets of once crowded and flourishing city filled with packs of hungry dogs. Everything built 30 years ago collapses from time to time; nothing new is built and the city is dying. In this city, you can make films about the end of the world, Stalingrad, the blockade of Leningrad or the storming of Berlin without decorations, you just don’t have to pay for anything; the city itself is solid scenery of collapse, full of Armagedets” – a new form of Armageddon, he writes.

I'm not talking about Pripyat, not about Chernobyl, not about the reservation or the ghetto. This is Armenia, Hrazdan, the former industrial center of the union scale, he added.

I was really filled with horror from what I saw and compassion for the inhabitants. Every resident of Hrazdan, from young to old, should be awarded the title National Hero of Armenia, only a hero can live here, he said, shedding crocodile tears. Believe me, he continued, I am not exaggerating, I am softening them.

We all know that the term “white genocide” exists, that is, when conditions were created that were unbearable for the Armenians to “Turkify the region”. Seeing all this mess, I had a logical question. “Are Armenians in power in Hrazdan exactly? Maybe, saboteurs got in there, some Turks in disguise to kill a blooming industrial city, just ruin it. This is a complete trash. How can you hate your own people?” he added.

After the publication of the film “Diamond Hand” in the USSR, the curse “so that you live on one salary” became fashionable. In Armenia, I propose introducing a new curse - "so that you live in Hrazdan!!!!"

Further, he advises to save the city, it must be done urgently, it is necessary to help not Syria, not affected by the fire in Australia, not in support of the Amur leopards, not even Donbass and Lugansk, it is necessary to save Hrazdan, things are going on abruptly, he advised.

But the inhabitants of Hrazdan are kind and open people, he opines, and this is another mystery. Lock me in such living conditions, in a week, I will start to bite. And they live and welcome guests with an open soul. Most people don’t have work and money, they borrow money, but in a church that was built in the 13th century, it stands on a mountain above the city, now it doesn’t officially function, in the most prominent place is money, several thousand drams and no one takes, as if they were not needed (in Russia they would have taken) and this is the best indicator of morality and spiritual purity of the inhabitants of Hrazdan, the author claims, openly trying to win his bosses’ favor.

At the church, he adds, the sign reads “protected by the state”, I would change it to “ruined by the state” and this would be true. But at the same time, I saw building materials being stored under a canopy near the church, which means that they will definitely be restored. Residents of Hrazdan believe that times of decay will pass, the city will be lifted from ruins, factories will work again, houses, accesses to buildings and streets will not remind Palmyra or Aleppo after the arrival of terrorists’ and vandals.

It’s just interesting that this wretched drunk, whom the Armenians gave to drink cheap samogon, is aware that the population of their own country declined last year by as much as 250,000 people, that entire cities and towns in all Russian provinces from the Urals to the Far East are gradually disappearing and maps, and all this happens under a peaceful sky and without a single shot, without any war, in the richest country in the world? The worst thing is that experts in this field give the worst forecasts for 2020. This year, the natural population decline in Russia may amount to more than 300,000 people, which is estimated as a real disaster, which casts great doubt on the future of the Russian state.

Someone else's good does not bring happiness to anyone. This alcoholic with the well-known Russian propagandist of Armenian interests Anton Evstratov earns money, so you can understand it somewhere, but these Armenians, who at different times in history turned into tools in the hands of foreign powers to invade our region, are very difficult to understand when “patron” (Russia) is on the verge of death, why are they so happy?