Fostering Rampant Separatism, Europe Pushing Armenia Into New Aggression

Fuad Muxtarlı Analysis 7 November 2019
Fostering Rampant Separatism, Europe Pushing Armenia Into New Aggression

The European Bank has issued a souvenir Euro banknote dedicated to the so-called Artsakh – Azerbaijan’s breakaway region in Karabakh region, the Euro Souvenir Bank website reports.

The printed new banknote with a face value of 0 euros shows the “symbol” of the separatist regime of Nagorno-Karabakh created in the occupied Azerbaijani territories - the sculpture We Are Our Mountains.

The souvenir banknote will be put into circulation on November 11, the website said. The brief information on the banknote indicates that the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh is "occupied by Azerbaijan".

We should note that souvenir banknotes with a face value of 0 euro are printed on the official machines of the European Central Bank and are registered as a trademark. Euro Souvenir Bank collectible notes are sold at 2 Euro apiece.

They are made of paper that has a level of protection that is no different from real banknotes - these are watermarks, security thread, tactile marks, holograms, fluorescent inks that appear under ultraviolet light, and an individual serial number that is unique to each bill.

It is clear that in this case one can say this is another Armenian provocation, but something else is more surprising: why one of the EU structures, the European Bank, which de jure does not recognize the puppet regime, is de facto following the separatists’ case, providing them with a platform for an obviously inflammatory campaign.

Indeed, how could the separatist regime be allowed to make such provocations, realizing that this serves to encourage the Karabakh separatists, and only interferes with a peaceful resolution of the conflict, plus creating an extremely dangerous precedent?

And before that, one of the NKR leaders visited the USA, where he met with congressmen and senators. True, in Washington they can answer all this that the “visit” of the Karabakh separatist and his meetings were not official in nature and took place exclusively on a private basis.

In this case, how Masis Mayilyan, who travels with the diplomatic passport of the Republic of Armenia and provides clearly false information about his identity and permanent residence when applying for a visa, will still be issued a visa, although in similar cases, serious sanctions are applied against such persons in the process of obtaining it.

For example, representatives of other separatist entities are prohibited from entering Europe and the United States. In the light of this action, the West cannot but cause bewilderment, to say the least.

And if for everything else, recall facts such as the creation by the group of political figures of France from the so-called A Circle of Friendship with the Karabakh separatists, and the conclusion of “cooperation agreements” between the criminal regime and various French communities, in particular, the “declaration of friendship” between the Municipal Council of the French city of Alfortville (Val-de-Marne) with Azerbaijani occupied district of Lachin?

In view of all these facts, there are absolutely well-founded suspicions that Europe is connivingly turning a blind eye to actions aimed at undermining the authority of the EU itself. So what is still behind the “special approach” to the separatist regime in the occupied Azerbaijani territories?

Is this an ordinary negligence, absolute indifference, or intentional intent? Questions that have not yet been answered are unlikely to ever been given an intelligible answer. Armenian separatism was supposed to be a lesson for the whole world, but it did not. Britain, Spain - who will be next? All states of the continent have their own problems with the separatists, they dozed until 1988, that is, before Armenian separatism, which received support and sympathy in the world, reared its ugly head.

And if a condescending attitude to the problem persists, not only the EU itself, but also its constituent states will soon collapse. And not only Europe, but also Asia can turn into an arena of separatist wars, and we are already observing this on the example of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Separatism, based on aggressive demagogy and historical insinuations that once served Armenia, is no less dangerous than Nazism and chauvinism. Europeans who allow the propaganda of separatism are equally hypocritical.

We hoped that the situation would change for the better, and the West, calling itself the cradle of democracy and humanism, would sooner or later embark on a fair path. But it turned out not so…