U.S. Promises Georgia Eternal Support: What About Breakaway Regions Under Russian Control

Farid Hajili Review 10 September 2019
U.S. Promises Georgia Eternal Support: What About Breakaway Regions Under Russian Control

Georgia and the United States will sign an agreement on military cooperation in the coming days. The document to be signed is designed for three years, according to Georgian Defense Minister Levan Izoria, who has not divulged into details of the new document.

A number of Georgian analysts believe that the agreement will prescribe the establishment of Cooperative Security Locations. These are items with stocks of logistics and a minimal amount of U.S. military personnel, or without it. They allow Georgia to organize a presence on the territory of another state and, if necessary, instantly deploy shock and logistics support bridgeheads of the army. Military cooperation between Georgia and the United States has lasted several decades.

In turn, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Asian Affairs Philip Ricker said the United States will always support Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty within internationally recognized borders. "According to him, the United States attaches great importance to Georgia’s pro-Western values: "The United States supports Georgia’s integration into the European Union and its economic space." F. Ricker expressed the hope that the 2020 parliamentary elections in Georgia will further strengthen democracy in the country. In addition, the State Department spokesman thanked Georgia for supporting the U.S. peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.

We should note that immediately after the Caucasus republic gained independence, Washington set about preparing the Omega special anti-terrorist unit. Equipping a 51-man detachment cost the U.S. budget several million dollars. The United States also planned to prepare the Georgian counterpart of the American "navy seals". The detachment was supposed to number 25 people, but the idea failed. In 2002-2004, the United States implemented the “Training and Equipment” program, under which American military instructors trained four battalions of the Georgian army, trained and armed more than 2,000 Georgian troops. The Americans allocated $60 million for this program. A training center in the vicinity of Tbilisi was also equipped with these funds.

In addition, the United States is trying to create bases on the ports of Georgia for the entry of heavy ships. However, there is no formal decision on Georgia’s joining NATO. However, in such an intermediate state, the country may linger for many years. For joining NATO, territorial disputes must be resolved, and Tbilisi has two at once - regarding the ownership of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In such circumstances, one cannot count on full membership in the alliance.

Meanwhile, the United States is moving its career diplomat Kelly Degnan to Georgia. Having familiarized himself with the fighting background of this sinewy lady (Kosovo, Afghanistan, Turkey), who is in a military uniform so much, and especially considering her last position as a political adviser to the commander of the U.S. naval forces in Europe and Africa, it is easy to guess that she is being transferred to Georgia to strengthen the U.S. military presence, in particular - to accelerate the construction of the port of Anaklia with a view to deploying a U.S. naval base there, as well as ensuring the regular presence of U.S. Navy ships in the existing ports of Georgia - Batumi and Poti. Before our eyes, Georgia is turning into a satellite of the United States and voluntarily agrees to become Washington's bridgehead in the South Caucasus...